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Delhi DTC Bus Routes Finder – Time Table, Route Number, Timings, Map

DTC has deployed about 3100 CNG buses for its daily operation all over Delhi and NCR area. This site provides the information about Delhi DTC City Bus Routes at one place. Here you will get user friendly information that is useful to all the citizen of Delhi.

About DTC

DTC is acronym of Delhi Transport Corporation that Government body of Delhi Government. DTC became undertaking of Municipal Corporation of Delhi by an Act of Parliament in April, 1958. Earlier there were several private operators giving the city bus service in Delhi such as Redline, Blue line. They were operating in almost all Delhi Bus Routes. But, later several accidents took place by these buses; as a result they were stopped to operate in Delhi.

Delhi DTC Bus Routes Finder Service

The people who are traveling in DTC buses, they need to know DTC Bus Routes to commute from one place to other place for having better planning and convenience. We people have felt that commuter were in need of such Bus Routes Finder service that can provide an authentic information about DTC Buses and their route numbers.

Though there are many other such route finder service providers also, who were giving similar services but these sites are quite cumbersome to interact, due their design problems and most importantly the information of DTC Bus Routes and Number are not correct.

DTC Bus Route Map

At this site we will provide the DTC bus route number service with map of each route. Each route map will be mapped with Google location service soon. This service will give an extra edge for the Delhi Bus commuters who can have better picture of the route they follow.

DTC Bus Timings And Time Table

Many people need complete timings and time table of their respective DTC Routes for better planning in commuting. So we are providing the complete time table of buses route-wise and time table. This facility would be quite useful for many.

DTC Bus Fare (Per Km)

  1. ORDINARY SERVICE For Adults :- i. Upto 4 Kms. Rs.5/- ii. 4 - 10 Kms. Rs.10/- iii. 10 onwards Rs.15/-
  2. ORDINARY SERVICE - For children (Age 5 to 12 yrs.) :- i. Upto 4 Kms. Rs. 3/- ii. 4 - 10 Kms. Rs. 5/- iii. 10 onwards Rs. 8/-
  3. Low Floor AC Buses For Adults : - ) i. Upto 4 Kms. Rs. 10/- ) ii. 4 - 8 Kms. Rs. 15/- ) iii. 8 - 12 Kms. Rs. 20/ ) iv. 12 & above kms. Rs. 25/-
  4. Low Floor AC Buses For children (Age 5 to 12 yrs.) : - ) i. Upto 4 Kms. Rs. 5/- ) ii. 4 - 8 Kms. Rs. 8/- ) iii. 8 - 12 Kms. Rs. 10/- ) iv. 12 & above kms. Rs. 13/-

DTC Delhi Other Services

There are many miscellaneous services of DTC Delhi that we have listed here for your convenience.

  1. DTC Bus Pass for students and others
  2. Hire DTC bus
  3. Ladies Special Bus Service Is Also Available.
  4. Special Airport Bus Service By DTC
  5. Site Seeing Tour of Delhi by DTC

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If you have any suggestions then you may give us and we will try implementing it to this website. Our aim here is to provide seamless flow of information without any error. This will make us user friendly and citizens of Delhi will get benefitted out of this facility. So, feel free to put you valuable feedback at [contact]@{dtcbusroute}.[com]